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With a brief in hand, a collaboration in the air and insight to a thousand possibilities. Over the years we have built relationships with a number of friends in the editorial industry. Here we translate a trend to express a floral suitability to our market…

Good Housekeeping

Five-minute flower arrangement
We show you how to create a beautiful arrangement in less time than it takes to phone the florist

A large glass rose bowl filled halfway up with water; A pair of strong scissors (similar floristry scissors can be found at the garden centre); Sticky tape; Roses and foliage (this arrangement uses two classic garden rose varieties, ‘Wall Street’ and ‘Coral Palace’ as well as greenery including pennygum (eucalyptus), willow vine, red robin and red hypericum berries) | TIP Foliage is available from florists or the garden centre or sometimes in the flower sections of supermarkets, but you can just as easily raid the garden for interesting greenery.

Create a grid over the top of the vase with sticky tape. This creates a frame to better structure your arrangement. | Use foliage such as pennygum (eucalyptus) as a base for your arrangement, and work from the outside inwards. | TIP Strip the stems of your foliage to prevent water from discolouring.

Fill open spaces with additional foliage such as red robin, red hypericum berries and willow. | Starting with your base greenery, add dimension by staggering the foliage for a layered effect. | Use a thin-spouted watering can or jug to fill your vase so it’s just over three-quarter full.

Decide on which rose will be your ‘feature’ flower (in this case Wall Street) and arrange blooms at a level slightly higher than your base foliage. | TIP Trim the rose stems at a 45-degree angle and strip them of any additional leaves. | Subtly stagger their height until you have a few roses at the top point in the arrangement.

Add the secondary rose (Coral Palace) in between for texture and colour. | Finish off with extra willow to add height. | TIP Constantly check your arrangement from all angles when placing your flowers to ensure the composition is balanced.

Jean Badenhorst and Zahn Rust are the team behind Aspen Flowers & Co, a Cape Town floristry studio known for their floral displays and arrangements that range from simple to statement-making but always elegant. Visit – See more here


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